Sunday, April 29, 2012

26 before 27

How the break was spent in Darmstadt? It was too late for me to plan where to go during the Holy Week but I had a really great time in Darmstadt. Before the turn of another year in my life, i had celebrated more than 26 kilometers of physical activity as a way of thanksgiving to my faithful Creator.

13.3 kilometers
Eberstadt to Darmstadt Bike Route 23

Google Maps via Dailymile
It was my first time to ride a bike for longer-than-house-university-route and for 'real' biking experience. I was so excited that day to check the Frankenstein Run 2012 route (as i was planning to join the run). After checking the map where I should head, I prepared my stuff and went by tram to Frankenstein. Yes, Frankenstein, the one that was said to influence Mary Shelley to write about the famous fiction.
Unfortunately, i was not able to reach the Frankenstein Castle because i was a little bit lost and i find it too difficult to go with my heavy bike. But it was a great ride!

"Varied terrains, from off road, road, paved slightly rolling steeps until Beerbacher Straße. Checking out FrankensteinLauf 2012 route at 10-11°C. (at least I know what to expect). Few meters between Reuterallee and Heidelberger Landstraße, my mtb got a little trouble. But then I was able to go home safe. More, more, more!" (Dailymile log)

Before and after. Tired and gasping after the rolling climb. And a smile on my way down after a short stop.

Stop at Beerbacherstraße intersection.
Bike and running trail that reminds me of home.
As I was not able to reach the Frankenstein Schloß (castle), i decided to look for the race's starting point. A little bit lost, but then I found my way to Mühltal-Bad (Mühltal Bath or Swimming Pool). From the outside, I can see a diving board and uncovered pool. Since it was still a little bit cold, the pool was still closed. Maybe I can try to visit again when its open.
Very much elated to finally find my destination! Yipee

On my way home, I got a little trouble with the bike as the chain was stuck in between the crank and the body. Oh well, I am not a bike person and it was hard to explain. When the trouble was fixed, I had a greasy hand on my way home and was glad to arrive safe and complete. Bike courtesy of Jennie and helmet from Mia.

13.3 kilometers
Ober-Ramstadt to Vivarium, Darmstadt Group Hike

Google Maps via Dailymile
After the Karfreitag Gottesdienst (Good Friday Service) at Stadtmission, Hannah and I were a little worried because the sun was not shining and it was a little cold outside for the walk. Mia and Sebastian invited us so i went to church with my bible, new Asics leggings paired with mini black skirt and ballerinas, banana-carrot-pineapple cake, apple, 2 sandwiches, and water bottle.
Stefi and I went with Mia and Basti to have lunch in their house. Ate lunch, packed our stuffs, i changed to my sporty attire and we went to Ober-Ramstadt - Mia, Basti, Basti's officemate, Officemates's wife and 11-month old cute and bubbly son Felix, Hannah and Johannes, Matthias, Stefi and me. 

Overlooking settlements in Ober-Ramstadt gray afternoon. 

The pack led by Sebastian.

"It was a great walk with Mia, Basti, Hannah, Johannes, Stefi, Matthias, dear Felix and his parents! A little shiver (7-9°C) but I was on the go for the walk! Some short stops and picnic! :) Sun was up at 5pm. Great time to spend Karfreitag!" (Dailymile log)

This walk reminded me so much of Los Baños. *Sigh* Every step was similar to Mt. Makiling Forest Reserve. I feel I was transported every minute and was in trance! We had few stops to see the forest's attractions. There were big swings, a small garden of herbs and plants in the forest, information about the trees and a lot more which makes it suitable for learning and leisure activities. It amazed most of the group to see mice along the way. Haha! We had the major stop to have a picnic: warm coffee, cake, fruits and water break.
We finished in Vivarium, which is close to my university. I had never imagined we will be walking that far and i was glad I had survived the temperature with only two layers and thin sports leggings. I was able to endure it while others are on their thick jackets (not to mention some are in their winter jackets!) Finally, the sun was shining at 5:00 p.m. and we grabbed some ice cream before we part ways. Thanks for the Ulmann's invitation, for Basti's leading, Baby Felix's cute smile and laughter, Mia's cake and coffee, and everyone's company and stories.

I never realized that i had 26 kilometers of fun before reaching 27! There is so much of praising and unexpectedly happy heart experience as i approach the last days of my 26th.
I wish to go back to Ober-Ramstadt and be amazed in the old buildings and see Raps yellow field in a sunny afternoon!

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