Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wonderfully sunny and bright

Now that the sun is still up until 8:00 in the evening here in Darmstadt, why not write about a wonderful sunny experience that I had. Puerto Galera is my yearly Holy Week destination! Why? Having fun and enjoyment are understatement on how the Lord's creation amazes me, mouth-watering food, wonderful people, sun, sea and sand!


I bask under the sun, walk along the shore and go crazy with the sand! Oh lala! When I am tired, I can have a restful short nap or goodnight sleep in the hammock city, with the wind and waves singing me a lullaby. Hammock city is a covered hut with more than 10 hammocks of different sizes, colors and designs! 
We plunge into the depths of the Word and rediscover how everything began and came to be! Those never fading and precious gems from the book of Genesis makes me fall in love more of the Creator who makes everything around me so alive! Have you imagined how colors came to be? Or maybe how many shades of green we have?

Food makes me sing and I never stop until I get enough! Burp! We cook our own lunch - creatively and mouth-watering! It looks good in the photo but the real yummy goodness the photo cannot capture. Fresh fish! Grilled meat! Vegetables! Salad! Tons of rice and a lot more! No one can maintain his/her weight during this week. At least one kilo added! Right Ate Weng, our brilliant master chef!?

I explore and take pleasure in the wonders of the creation. We do not beach bum, nope, nope, we have to burn those calories from the palatable experience and move our butts up, under and all around! A trek to the waterfalls, real rock climbing and bouldering, snorkeling and interacting with live underwater creatures, knot-tying and lotsa fun!

And I am surrounded by wonderful people! Creative and crazy, wacky and weird, loved and loving. We discover our identity and uniqueness in Christ, His Word and creation! How amazing we do not look like even the most colorful underwater creature or the loveliest flower! Simply unique! No one is like anyone else!

Jumps of exultation and exuberance! 
Oh, how everything else comes alive! 
I can hear the gentle waves in the morning and rolling and crag crashing at the close of the day. 
The sunrise and sunset majestically unfolding before me. 
The sweet smiles, loud and roaring laughters. 
The bongos and guitars joining our singing's melody in chorus with the birds and wind. 
And the calmness serenity throbbing my heart to worship!

I miss ECHO Adventure todo-todo!
What a wonderful sunny, bright and significant summers I have and will have. Guys, enjoy Puerto Galera ECHO Discovery Camp 2012. See you in 2014! :) 

--- Writing from Darmstadt and wishing I was there. These are ECHO Discovery 2011 experiences in a nutshell, April 17-23. Photocredits from manong deneb, tren, jacy, and hanna. We stayed at Mengie's Beach Resort, Talipanan, Puerto Galera, Philippines. 45-minute boat ride from Batangas City Port.


  1. We missed you ate last ECHO 2012. But we felt your prayers and support :)