Thursday, November 29, 2012

Things i miss in Darmstadt

Two months away from my first home in Europe - Darmstadt, Germany - makes me think of the things i miss in Deutschland. In my random thoughts, here they are:

1. Bike. My friend Jenny lent me her cool bike for 8 months. My Brazilian classmate, Marcelo, called it 'Feharri.' I miss how I can easily access grocery shops, the university, the church, the city center, nearby parks and places. The bike lanes and road discipline are also part of it.

Mein Fahrrad (My Bike). Spring/ Off-Road Bike Day/ Last day with my bike
2. Pfand. About € 0.15 to 0.25 redeemable payment of selected glass and plastic bottled products so one will be encouraged to return them to shops for reuse and recycle. It can also be known as 'deposit' for bottles. 
Pfand. It is just fun for me to get my refunds from my Pfand!
Look for Pfand sign on bottles!
3. Student Semester Ticket. Upon registration in the University, all students are entitled of a semester ticket that allow them to access Hessen's transportation system. I can just hop in any bus or regional train whenever I want.

4. My roommate's voice. Linda became one of the very few people who had seen regularly my morning look and usually the last person i see before going to bed. I miss hearing her caring voice saying 'morgen, hast du gut geschlafen?' or 'Kittt, guten nacht, schlaf gut und träum schön.' (morning, did you sleep well?, Kittt, good night, sleep well and beautiful dreams.)
O, Linda!
At Mathildenhöhe (Artists' Colony), one of Darmstadt's jewels.
One of my final goodbyes (for now) in Darmstadt
Darmstadt. Where in the map is this place? Very few people knew of this city, 30 minutes south of Frankfurt. No matter how small it is, how unheard it is for many, I call it home. I usually tell people that you could just appreciate Darmstadt and even call it 'home' if you had stayed there, build relationships and look on its precious and hidden jewels. Simple urban life!

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