Sunday, June 16, 2013

Free Beer and Wine

I am on my final stretch in my studies in Italy. Four more exams to take, one paper on corruption and hopefully a research worthy to be called a master thesis.

Here's a breather post. The photos just tell the drinking culture of Germany and Italy through funny self-expression of people. Open thy eyes to the surprises that usual things can offer you.

Please press and wait...
What? Push button to signal pedestrian crossing.
Photo taken at Hügelstraße 10, Darmstadt, Germany on March 2012
Translation: Please press (the button) and wait for green beer.

Water into wine...
What: Free drinking water fountain or nassoni
Photo taken at Viale degli Ingegneri, Facoltá di Ingegneria Universitá degli Studi di Roma, Roma on February 2013
Translation: Wine water ->

Aside from the drinking culture of the these two nations, the photos also tell about how Germans, as always generalized, strictly make and obey rules such as road and traffic regulations. While the nassoni tells of Rome's history on water system and aqueducts that provided public water to the people.

N.B. There were no beer or wine from those buttons.

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