Tuesday, October 9, 2012

All roads lead to rome

and so I am here.

How can I not start writing again, now that I am in Roma.
From Germany to Italy, via train! It took me a total of 33 hours of travel all-in-all including my stopovers in Darmstadt, Heidelberg, Wilhelmsfeld, M√ľnchen and Venezia. (Which I still have to put up in this blog)
first glimpse of sunrise in my new flat from my balcony
I was so eager to move in to my new flat in one of Rome’s suburbs in the south, Giardinetti. I was expecting for a flatmate, but apparently, it is hard to convince people to live near the university than in the city center. 
Found the house in early September (with Eds' help) and I really, really liked it, looking forward really on how I would fix it to feel at home for the next nine months stay in Roma. 
Unfortunately, I was not able to move in unless I have my codice fiscale (fiscal code) or what I think is similar to the Tax Identification Number (T.I.N) in the Philippines. Without this, I would not be able to sign my contract, buy a yearly transportation pass or even buy my prepaid card, and other important administrative matters.

It took me a lot of patience, really.

I was so blessed to have a Pinoy family in Roma who are so willing to have me there while waiting for my codice fiscale. Whenever I was there, I feel I am home in the Philippines. We talk in Filipino, eat pinoy food, watch Filipino teleseryes and a lot more. They are one of the hundred thousands of Pinoys in Rome. Sometimes I am confused where I am, I feel that I am in the Philippines, but in a different city because of the big Filipino migrants in Italy.

At first I was surprised to meet them literally every corner i go. I hear them talking to me on the street. And I am confident that I can ask directions and help. Whenever our eyes meet, we communicate with a nod, a wink or a smile saying: ‘Oi, kabayan!’ (Hey, fellow countryman!).
"Sometimes I am confused where I am, I feel that I am in the Philippines, but in a different city because of the big Filipino migrants in Italy."
I am glad that I was able to finally move in and process the first steps 'legal' and government levies to new entrants to Rome.
Few of Rome's history pieces
There’s a lot to write about about my first experiences! Really, really excited to explore more the city.

when i was in the Philippines, I just know that all roads lead to cubao. now international highways point to rome as references in time and history. Isn't it amazing to be part of this city even for a short period?

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